Thursday, January 31, 2013


So, here it is....The one that started it all.
 I dubbed it "frankenlamp" because it was pieced together like frankenstein.
Like most of my pieces, there's a story behind it, a wordy story with misspellings, but none the less.
 Back in the summer I was working on a bench in the backyard while my son and his cousin chased butterflies and hugged bunnies....yeah right...more like tackled each other, tearing up their grandmas garden, searching desperately for sharp objects to run full speed with.
 My sister in law otherwise known as Sandy (pronounced Sawn-dee) was asking me what I was going to make next. I then went on about how I wanna make a lamp, just for a challenge and a change.
 Well...months whizzed by and no lamp.
So, we're into November and the family does this "secret Santa" thing for Christmas, and I, of course, pick Sandy's name out of the hat.
 Let me tell you about Sandy...a crafty and creative woman who is a serial killer with a needle and thread, so I knew I had to be on my creative game.
 I also had to be on my creative game because there was a $25 limit for gifts.
What the fuck can you buy for $25??? so either I get her 3 gallons of gas and a lottery ticket, or make something...hence...FRANKENLAMP (insert spooky laugh here)
Frankenlamp is made of 4 pieces of scrap barn beam, held together by 4 hand cut, hand mortised Dutchman joints (bow ties) which are made from walnut scrap pieces, the steel is 1/2 steel bar, and the light is a LED puck.
 So in keeping within the $25 budget, I spent $15 on the light...That's it! $10 under budget!
I ended up making a crate for it out of more scrap pieces (cause I'm all about packaging).
 Christmas morning comes around, and I lug in the crate with the big "B" stamped all over it, and I can see Sandy physically praying that I picked her name...As we all know now..I did.
 Not only was I able to spread some Christmas fuckin cheer, But a whole new endeavor was born, so, no...thank YOU Sandy.

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