Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This lamp actually has 2 stories...
 Story 1.
I was working at my father in laws shop on a project for the company I work for (PUNCHLIST)
 While waiting for some stain to dry, I came across the scraps from the bondage lamp.
Well, I started cutting it up, and arranging it, having a full blown argument with a piece of wood at one point. Some guys in the shop exclamimed "what are you gonna do with THAT???!!"
 My reply was "make a lamp...fucker" (the fucker part was under my breath) and boom, done, lamp.

Story 2.
Let me tell you about my mother in law...Let me tell you about me first...I suck at criticisim. I do. I pretend to take it well, but I don't. The only person who can critique' my work is my mother in law.
 You see, she has been married to a master craftsman for 50 fuckin years and has seen some of the most beautiful furniture ever made come from her husbands hands. So...If she says something I made sucks. It sucks no matter how bad I want it not to suck.
 Anyway, on a nightly basis I bring my son up to her so I can walk my dog. This particular night she was going on about the lamp, and how if she had the money she would buy it and blah, blah, blah.
 So I go dowstairs to get the dog, and the lamp is on the shelf. At that moment I realized it doesn't belong here, and it doesn't need to be turned into a few hundred deserves to be loved and the only woman whos critique pushes me a little farther deserves to have it. And the fact that she really loved it inflated my ego to priceless proportions. In the end we all won and I made her will it back to me when she dies. So I won twice. hah!

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