Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There are many thing that I hate.
 Number one on that list is waiting.
I'm a reasonable man, and there are a lot of things in life where "waiting" is just part of the equation, like...waiting for a pizza, waiting for the sunrise, even waiting for the bus...
 But at this point, I'm waiting on parts for 3 projects. 3 projects that are just parked, haunting me, laughing at me.
 Somebody explain to me how my girl can order a costume for a photo shoot at 6pm and the next day it's here. Like magic. Like Amazon doesn't even use a postal service, they just teleport that shit to your door.
 And me....I order 3 different parts from 3 different places, and I'm going on 3 weeks with my dick in my hand and cobwebs in my mailbox.
 Amazon should just sell everything. Period.
So why is there a picture of such a awesome bench on this post???
 I meant to talk all about it, but I decided to use my blog to bitch and complain instead.

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