Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This baby here is one of my biggest regrets.
 In it's previous life it was a slab of ash wood.
They must have been working in a new blade at the mill, because they pulled the piece
back and forth giving it the "cathedral cut".
 There was so much dirt and grease on it that it took almost 3 days  to clean.
After working it into a really cool coffee table, I put it up for sale because I had no room for it.
 This grungy hipster couple came to buy it. I'm not one to crack on my customers, but man...
They had no personality what so ever! I may as well have sold it to a bucket of water.
 I have a odd personal attachment to the things I make, and USUALLY the people that buy my stuff are pretty interesting. They also show a flicker of excitement when they pick up a piece. In fact, I've even had a few do that quirky jog/walk thing to their car (maybe they had to pee or it's because I live in a shitty neighborhood).
 You see, there's a lot of mental gymnastics that go into my pieces. I mean, what you see as a table or lamp or whatever, happens to be more. It's a time stamp, it's a moment, it's a memory, it's a mistake or a new learning experience...for me. To's a fuckin table. I get it, and I respect that. But do me a favor....blow a little sunshine in my butt, crack a smile, do a jig...don't act as if I just sold you a paper clip. Show a hint of enthusiasm, because I don't even know you and you're taking home a little piece of me.

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