Monday, February 4, 2013


I get asked this a lot "what's with all the lamps??"
 It"s a excellent question because I fucking hate light.
If I could live in one of those places where it's dark 6 months out of the year, I would.
 I also have absolutely zero interest in lighting or lamps.
So, back to the original question at hand...
 Here is why I make so many lamps...
Understand this first, I love furniture, more so, I love to make furniture.
 I love the technical aspect, the organic aspect, the feel, the touch, the placement, the style, etc.
Once all the saw dust is swept up, and the chair or table or bench or cabinet is delivered and set
in the perfect spot for all to adore....IT'S DEAD. Yep, I said it, dead, I mean in all reality, that's the end of the road for that shit.
 Now don't get me wrong, it will have it's admirers and you may receive many of compliments on how hip and stylish you are, but it's kind of a one shot deal.
 Here's a example...I made a beautiful table. 3" slab of live edge old growth oak with long sexy hairpin legs. It's really a great piece, but ya know holds my TV and ninja turtle figures. That's it. The mighty Oak that stood for 150 years now holds my stupid fucking TV.
 Now a lamp on the other hand, comes alive every time you tweak that little knob.
It bathes you in a warm glow and says to you, "you're home now, you're safe, lets forget about
the events of the day, lets relax and watch some stupid fucking TV on that beautiful dead ass table"
 As well as function and purpose, it can also be a piece of art that commands that you view it and admire it. It's a cocky little bitch that screams "look at me!"
 From a creative aspect, the possibilities are endless. You can turn anything into a lamp. I can make you a lamp out of a paper bag if I so desire.
 At the end of the day. I don't make lamps so much for the light, I make them for their life.

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