Friday, February 1, 2013


I bought a steel bender.
 Strike that...I bought a cheap ass steel bender.
It actually works great once you chuck the instruction manual right out of the window.
 I refuse to be defeated by pretty much anything. so me and this new tool had our moment together, but now, we are the best of friends.
 We still have our arguments, but together he and I were able to agree on this cool little 2 teir table which is made from hickory and 3/16 X2 steel bar.
 I love Hickory. It's safe to say that is my favorite wood.
Here are 2 things you should know about hickory...
1. it's hard///like real petrified wood hard. like a bitch to sand or mortise or drill through hard.
2. did I already say that its hard?

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