Wednesday, February 20, 2013


And made a new lamp.
 In between pulling that little piece of fabric out of my butt crack and shuffling through the Taylor Swift anthology, I managed to produce a piece that explores my softer side.
 In the beginning, the idea was to use a chunk of wood that I would usually throw away, and try to incorporate something unconventional in order to create...well...SOMETHING.
 So while in the bubble bath, surrounded by scented candles and thumbing through the latest VOGUE, I had a vision.
 Now I'm a  manly-man. I like flannel, the UFC, old motorcycles, guns, and the furniture I make reflects that. But it was time to make something a little softer, something where a woman would stop and say "oh, that's cute!" (which by the way...I usually find it offensive when someone says that something I made is...cute)
 In all it's estrogen infused glory, I'm pretty proud of it.
I could really go on and on about this piece, but I have a mani/pedi appointment.

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