Sunday, February 17, 2013


Yesterday was very productive. I got everything done that I said I would, and then some!
 Even though it was freezing outside and my nose was leaking all over our table top, I managed to plane the top to get it as flat as possible, got a rough sand on it, shaped the edges, trimmed the sides, and got to work on some railroad spike hooks for the front of the table.
 The hooks are 2" long, welded on 1/4"X2" plate. They will be mortised and installed on the front edge of the table to hold a purse or jacket or whatever it is you hang up when you walk in your door.
They came out really cool, so I think I'll run with them for a little bit and make some coat racks, and towel bars and stuff like that.
 Today....if it warms up, I'm going to try to mortise in all those dovetails.

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