Monday, February 18, 2013


I usually enjoy mortising duntchman joints.
 But I don't when it's 16 degrees outside.
Sunday was a day dedicated to the mortising, otherwise known as digging holes in wood.
I managed to knock out all 8, even though there was a moment there when I thought that this step should really be completed in the shop or when it's above 30 degrees.
 I didn't completely set the dutchmans flush because the top has to be oxidized first and my hands were too numb to label them, so I just kind of tapped them in.
 So. our top will sit for a little while, until we get the base made.
The idea for the base is to take a simple idea, and complicate the hell out of it.
 What we're going to make is a saw horse style base.
I've slammed together hundreds of saw horses on job sites, but this one is going to incorporate some tricky joinery.
 Stay tuned!

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