Saturday, February 9, 2013


This little piggy was a Christmas gift to my sister.
 Sometimes my head can get ahead of my hand, so there comes a time when you have to pay "simple" a visit.
 It was sort of refreshing to just work a big chunk of wood into something useful.
I added a couple of walnut dovetails for a little contrast as well as to secure a couple pretty big splits.
 The steel base was a little tricky because you have this 100 year old piece that has all these natural curves and movements, and to be quite honest, I didn't feel like doing that much math in order for it to seat perfectly on the base.
 Sometimes I see these rustic pieces that have been machined and manipulated to death in order to be perfectly level, plumb, smooth, etc. And those pieces do have their place, but order to preserve the organic character and showcase the life of the piece, one has to take off his hot shit craftsman helmet and embrace what is perfectly imperfect.

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