Thursday, March 28, 2013


No big break through on design innovations with these.
 They're crates. (insert yawn here)
It's not so much about the crates but about aging them to look like they've been sitting outside a barn for 60 years.
 These started out as new wood but I'll lay out the steps that I used to for this effect.
1. beat the shit out of the wood. (hammer, chain, bash some screws)
2. wet the wood
3. rub dark stain on while the wood is wet. Really push the stain in.
4. mix white enamel with water. Who says water and oil don't mix?
5. dab the white on a small area and drag it across with a rag
It's a fun little effect, and there are a zillion blogs about different methods of aging wood.
 If I could only find a method to make my old FACE look new, I'd be in business!

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