Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is a devil's tail...toilet paper holder!
 Now usually the devils tail is mostly found on old school bobbers and choppers.
Since my mid life crisis is in full swing, and I can't afford a bobber or a chopper, I have to curb my desire to acquire some new debt.
 From a metal working standpoint, and as basic as it seems, it was pretty challenging.
I cut the tail from some 3/16 X 2" stock with a grinder, then bent some 1/2" round stock, inserted a 1/8 rod, then gobbed on a ton of stainless flux core, then shaped it with a grinder. I also torched it to put a little bend and give it some movement.
 It's a great gift idea for a motorcycle enthusiast, or just your average evil bastard.
Everything I make is field tested, and the early reports are confirming signs of giggling may occur when you wipe your butt.

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  1. That's some sick shit B. You should make another one and make the holder part horn shaped and keep the tail rod. Hell, just thinkin about it make my sphinkter tighten up from fear. (-:€