Tuesday, March 26, 2013


While Mid Century Modern, Shabby Chic, Steam Punk, Reclaimed/Repurposed are words you see and hear thrown around to describe the hippest of the hip in terms of furniture these days, I'm changing the game with this one.
This is the beginnings of a massive coffee table.
 It's a 17" wide by 7.5" thick beam that I obtained from a demolished factory.
I would pay money to see the surveillance footage of me relocating this 300lb monster into my truck.
 Most people would bring along something with....wheels. But me? I'm a caveman. Your "modern ways" frighten and confuse me.
 In typical caveman fashion I went to work on it.
Cut it down with a hand saw, used a draw knife to remove all the nasty wood, hand planed it to get down to some more visually appealing material, then sanded it.
 It has some significant splits, so I applied some Dutchman's on the top and on the bottom I'm mortising in some steel to insure it remains in one piece for the next 100 or so years.
 I'm conflicted on what to do for a base. I want to keep it low.
I'm sure I'll spend the next few days staring at it while consuming way too much coffee, trying to come up with a idea for the base.
 That's part of the fun of it though.

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  1. Nice, an El-Producto reference on Breclaimed. Hey, atleast you're not signed to Rawkus, cuz you know hoe El feel about that.