Monday, March 25, 2013


Since my girl is a photographer, I had the genius idea of getting her a MAC for her birthday.
 The problem was...where to put it. Trust me, if there was not a designated space for it, it would remain boxed up till there was, and it that case, I may as well have just drove around releasing hundred dollar bills out of my car window.
 Here are two facts about me that won't win you a dime on Jeopardy...
1. I wake up ridiculously early
2. I take the garbage out
 Luckily for these two things because when I went to take the garbage out at 4am, someone had disposed of a butcher block counter top.
 The last thing I want to do at 4am is drag a greasy, disgusting 8' slab of butcher block back to the house.
 Out of the 8' length only 3' of it was remotely usable. The usable size was perfect because it fit snugly in a space where we couldn't do much with anyway because of the shape and size of that part of the room.
 So I worked the top, got a solid 1/2" steel bar base done and VOILA....hand made birthday card on steroids.
 I'm sure she was under the impression that she was getting a desk made from garbage for her birthday (who wouldn't be excited about that?)
 Now, she knew I was making the desk but never really saw it, and she was clueless about the computer, so while she was at work, her brother and I, lugged it in and set up the computer.
 Her brother filled her iTunes up and loaded up some photo software, violating as many federal piracy laws as possible.
 I missed the initial shock and awe because I was dead asleep by time she got home, but I was pleasantly awoken by a very happy birthday girl.

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