Thursday, March 21, 2013


So this guy email's me because he has a brilliant idea that he wants me to facilitate for him.
 He apparently had a couch that he wanted to replace the existing legs with hairpin legs.
He wanted to give it, and I quote "that mid century vibe".
 I'm not really in the "vibe" business, but I can get some 4" hairpin legs knocked out for you.
Humming through my head as I reply to his request, are the words of 2 of the literary genius's of our time...Jay and Silent bob. "75 bucks little man, put that shit in my hand".
 Guess what happened....I got em' done, and our mid century modern affcionado blew me off.
After I let him know that they were ready, he scheduled a pick up and blew it off a total of 3 times, which to me is adding insult to injury.
 Now the old me would have tracked him down through his email address and launched the hairpin legs through his front window, but the new me bolted them to this awesome 60 year old crate.

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