Friday, March 8, 2013


This is a live edge oak slab that my tv sits on.
 I spend many evenings wondering if this slab of wood is as sick and tired of "shrek", "wreck it Ralph", and "Tangled" as I am.
 It has 16" hair pin legs which I have grown to hate more and more with every West Elm or Pottery Barn catalog that comes in the mail.
 So I'm thinking of getting rid of the legs, finding some dimensional oak lumber and making a saw horse base for it.
 I guess if I ever decide to sell it I could market it as a twice reclaimed piece.
Wait a second....Maybe I'm on to something....since reclaimed and repurposed furniture is so hot right now, I could market myself to trendy masses by saying "my stuff is sooooooooooooo reclaimed, in fact, it's reclaimed from a reclaimed piece!"
 Double ya like those apples Pottery Barn?!

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