Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Not so much a political revolution, but a hand made revolution.
 By a hand made revolution I mean that before you go to Walmart or Target for something you need and or want, take a little time, search around, and see if someone is making what your looking for by their own hands.
 Is it gonna cost a little more? YES. Is it most likely going to last a long time? YES. Is it going to change the plight of the Chilean students fighting for a free education system? FUCK NO.
 There are things you're just not going to buy hand made, like a microwave oven, or DVD player.
Yesterday I was a walking hand made billboard...
1. Hat-not 100% handmade, but it was altered by hand
2. jeans- not 100% handmade but completely restored by hand
3. wallet-handmade
4. wallet chain- handmade
5.key chain- handmade
 Trust me, it's not about me, or what I do, or what I'm selling, it's actually way bigger.
It's about the return of the Craftsman and the return of the Seamstress, it's about your local butcher shop and local farms. It's about the working class actually doing work instead of figuring out how to work the system or screw their boss.
 It's about the calluses and Carhartt's. The people who aren't afraid to get dirty, to take a chance, to try and fail then try again.
 It's about people reclaiming their humanity and getting back to...people.

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