Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm going to try and review a handmade item once a week.
 The purpose is to promote other craftsmen and to help people who are interested in my revolution, see what's out there. we go.
 This is a handmade wallet from Ron Bryant from
Now, this guy defines "handmade". I wouldn't be shocked if he had cows and snakes in his backyard to produce his leathers.
 Not only does he cut and stitch, but he also makes the silver snaps.
My only specification for the construction of this wallet was the "B" and he did the rest.
Lets talk about price...don't freak out...but, it was a well spent $500.
 I got a GUCCI wallet  some years ago that was over $500 and fell apart in 6 months.
My son will be rocking this wallet on his first trip to Daytona bike 20 years.
 He makes much more then wallets so check out his

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