Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I shouldn't complain.
 These little boogers have turned into...work, and work turns into money.
Now, I like money, but I find no joy in repetition.
 I'm in a creative slump anyway, so I guess being busy with these things is a good buffer.
Maybe it's the weather, or having a sick kid, or tax time around the corner, but I got nothing.
 I used to be able to look at a shitty piece of wood and come up with a million things I was going to make with it. Now I look at it and say..."wow, look at that shitty piece of wood. It would look great if it was on fire in a pit on the beach".
 These things come and go. When I used to paint I would go through this all the time.
It's like once you're on the brink of losing your noodle over it, something clicks and you go on a 6 month tear of making some cool stuff.
 Maybe with warmer weather will come brighter ideas.

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