Friday, April 26, 2013


This weeks Handmade review is "STITCHES BY SARAH".
 Sarah's focus is mainly newborns and photography props, but she is no stranger to larger sizes and custom orders.
 When I told Sarah about what I was doing, she banged out a hat for Max, and it was in my mailbox in no time, so I can't imagine how fast a actual paying customer would get something!
 Max loved it. He's a kid who likes what he likes, and if he's not into something...he'll be damn sure to let you know.
 Most of the materials she uses are hand-dyed and hand-spun wools.
I was checking out her ETSY shop and she is doing some really amazing stuff.
 Usually when I hear the term "hand-knit", the first image that pops in my head is a old lady in a rocking chair knitting away with a cat on her lap and a tall glass of prune juice next to her.
That image did NOT pop in my head after really digesting her ETSY shop. It's very  contemporary,
very modern, and I would guess that at in some point in Sarah's schooling, she got a A plus in a color theory class.
 If you're looking for a baby gift, or looking to spoil your own bundle of joy, or if you're really into getting stopped everywhere you go by some crazy moms shrieking "oh my god! that hat is sooooooooooooooooo adorable, where did you get THAT???"  check out STITCHES BY SARAH.

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