Thursday, April 25, 2013


After 10 months, 30 pieces of furniture, working full time, and being a dad (like really being a dad, as in not just making sure the third human in the house is fed and his pants are shitless, but actually engaging him and being present.) I thought I would take a break.
 3 days into my hiatus and a conversation with a 3 year old has put a end to my vacation.
Here's how that conversation went...
Max: are you gonna do work outside?
DaDa: nah...I'm taking a break
Max why?
DaDa: I'm tired man, I work hard.
Max: you're not gonna make stuffs
DaDa: yeah man, I'm gonna make "stuffs" just not right now
Max: why?
DaDa:  what do you mean "why"?
Max: you not gonna make tables and stuffs? I can help you.
DaDa: your gonna help me make "stuffs"?
Max: oh yes-yes DaDa
DaDa: well then, lets make some stuffs
Max: can I have some M&M's?

No rest for the wicked.

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