Monday, April 15, 2013


We have a problem with remote controls in our house, so my initial intention was to create something small and low with the designated purpose of holding on to those 3 remotes that end up wedged between cushions or under the couch.
 This is the early workings of it, but so far I'm on track.
Part of the inspiration of this piece comes from the front end of a motorcycle. I also wanted to put a twist (or in this case a 45 degree angle) on what appears to be just another factory beam.
 I was dreading driving out to Bridgeview to buy a piece of steel plate for the actual table top part, but while my son was playing in the backyard I found this piece of steel that kinda looked like a frying pan.
 My father-in-law was trimming the vines, so I asked him what it was. As it turns out, he used to use it to clean the ash from the fire place. He said " if you have a idea for it, go ahead and take it".
 Totally saved me a drive and $58, so, hats off to you Cholo!
Cleaning and polishing it at this point is exceeding what a hour drive and $58 would be, but there is a gratification factor in knowing it was something that had been some what disregarded , and is now on the road to a whole new existence.

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