Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I enjoyed making this table, but I'm glad it's done just so I don't have to lift it and move it around anymore.
 It's gotta be close, if not over 200lbs. and because of it's size and shape, it was hard to grab and move around.
 After a couple of days into making it, I seriously considered shifting my craft to carving teeny tiny wooden unicorns or something.
 The last picture here is basically what this table started out as. That beam is actually the second half.
The challenge was to clean the beam up without losing too much of it's character. If you don't clean it up enough, it looks like a piece of shit, and if you clean it too much, it looks like new wood and loses it's soul.
 I kinda went through a "THING" yesterday when I brought it in the house.
I had to swallow the fact that I can't keep it.
 It looked stunning in our living room, but all I saw when I looked at it, was it being riddled with angry bird stickers, spilled milk, and the perfect hiding place for a child's boogers.
 It lasted under 10 minutes in our living room before I moved it out, and I was pissed.
I started my tirade exclaiming how "I'm done making this shit. What's the point!? Blah, blah, blah!"
 Those of you that know me, know...I'm a pretty subdued guy, but when I'm on's a blind rage in which the whole world has to stop until my anger has run it's course.
 In the midst of me babbling on about how I'm done making furniture, Max says "but that's what you DO Da-Da."
 Thanks for ruining a perfectly good temper tantrum...Buddha.
Needless to say, the table is for sale, and for much cheaper then anything of it's kind that you'll find.
 Serious inquiries can contact me at

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