Friday, May 10, 2013


Between 9 to 5 work, making furniture, parenting, and just plain old life, I discovered that there's between 8 to 10 minutes of free time, so Laura and I decided to work on a book.
 I had kicked around the idea for some time, I spent more brain time talking myself out of it instead of thinking about how to make it happen.
 The big push came from my brother.
My brother eats books. He's the most well read person I know. He had commented on my writing, which I took as a high caliber compliment as well as slightly confusing because throughout my scholastic career I think I spent a total of 15 minutes in a English class.
 My English classes were always either first or last period, so the first period ones I couldn't wake up in time for or stay awake through, and the last period ones...well, that last period class was cutting into my masturbation time as a teenager.
 So my brothers idea was using Laura's photos and taking my blog excerpts to piggyback the photos.
After talking with Laura about it, we decided on a slightly less self-centered direction.
 The concept is to showcase two creative people as a family. To encompass everyone involved in the process of doing what we do. Albeit I'm a handsome and interesting guy...nobody is going to buy a 3 page book of pictures of me cutting wood.
 Hopefully we'll be able to convey the art, love, struggle, family and dedication through the photos and writings. It will also be a documentation of how a family who is working together can accomplish...anything.

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