Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Finally done.
 I always get a little depressed when I finish a piece.
It's kinda like having a old friend come in from out of town, and you have a blast, then they leave.
 I am getting better at letting pieces go. I'm almost in a rush to get em' out of my sight so that the break up is less painful.
 This little bitch was never mine to begin with.
The great thing about this particular piece, for me, is that I actually learned a few things.
 As with any craft, we develop a pattern in the way we go about creating. It becomes repetition.
So when you actually learn a little something, it's pretty exciting.
 Unfortunately for you...it's just a bench. You can sit on it. You most likely will learn absolutely nothing from it.
 Here's what I learned...
1. you can't weld cast iron with steel (you need to use a cast rod)
2. you can rust metal quickly with lemon juice, vinegar and salt
3. And...3 coats of poly is better then 2.
So now, I deliver it to Salvage One, grab some more material, and move on to the next one.
  I have to admit, it's pretty cool to see my work in a new environment. Just like it is for a artist when they see their work in a gallery. It looks a little different when it's removed from your possession and placed amongst the work of your peers.
 I guess with every passing piece, I'm becoming less and less of a hoarder.

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