Saturday, May 18, 2013


41 years ago my mother kicked me out of my cozy apartment.
 Yeah, it was small, but all the food and utilities were included, and you couldn't beat the rent.
Since that day that I made a run for the exit, I haven't stopped running.
 I've been lucky enough to have done and seen a lot of things that most people haven't.
I've toured the USA and Europe with punk rock bands from my teens into my 20's, I've rode motorcycles through parts of our country that you see in car commercials, I've shown paintings besides some current famous artists, and looking back on all those years, all those people and miles traveled...they've led me to here.
 HERE is my greatest accomplishment.
You see, I was able to convince a beautiful woman that I was worth loving. She gave me a son who with one word or look or gesture, can melt my soul, and I'm surrounded by family that are truly the greatest gift ever.
 It's funny when you hit your 40's, people (usually much younger) are always like "you're sooo old!...blah-blah-blah) here's the deal mother fuckers....
 I can do everything you do except better. I may do them with a few more lines on my face or maybe a little slower, but none the less...better.
 And I'm gonna let the young ones know the secret. It took me about 39 years to figure out the secret.
So here it is....know when to shut up and listen. That's it. That's the secret to life. It will take you farther then you can imagine.
 There's a scene from the movie "COLORS" that has stuck with me since I first saw it, and it's sort of my mantra for my adult life.
There's two bulls on top of a hill and the younger one says "let's run down there and fuck one of those cows!" and the older bull say's " no, let's WALK down and fuck em' all."


  1. I like 40's brian much more than 30's B (although that motha was pretty cool too). I've seen you grow and mature from a laid back, ed hardy and holy jeans rockin graphity artist that was happy with that lifestyle (nothing wrong with that) and was scarred of kids and being a dad to a guy posting pics of his adorable kid almost daily and being the great family man I always knew he could be. Happy Birthday my ninja, I hope you have a great day and an even better year. Wish you and your family the best, your lil big brotha from anotha motha, Alex.

  2. Happy Birthday Brian.......I don't know you from Adam, yet I find myself here daily waiting for your new post. I was directed here from a really cool cat and I'm glad I followed his link. Ever since I have been a fan so to speak. I love your ART/CRAFT. I've also found out that I have and do still listen to many of the bands you have played with. That's not what I come to your blog for though. I love seeing the progress of your pieces, your stories, how you bring the old, dead, used, trash back for a new life for you and then someone else to enjoy as well. Again though nit why I find myself at your blog. I'm here because like you I am also a full time involved Dad, husband, worker. I love how you share your passion with us and ad the details of life and still find time to do what you enjoy. From your post you truly display how the love of having and being in a family changes one, helps them grow, brings life and joy out of them (usually) for the positive. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Enjoy your day. I'm sure you deserve it and then please keep the post coming and the new projects.........