Tuesday, June 25, 2013


First of all, I did NOT get the shop space that I was shooting for.
 The current tenant is staying until her lease is up in like 7 months, and another space won't be available until October.
 I have decided to wait, and you all know how I hate waiting.
The building and location are too perfect for me to be irrational. So, now I'm a vagabond builder, and production will be slow.
 I'm crawling out of my skin because I NEED to build. I'm just not happy unless I have a project going on.
 That was the "disappointed" part.
The offended part is that, as of late, my mother in law and ultimate critic has been blasting me in the nuts lately in a passive aggressive kind of way.
 The main reason I'm on the hunt for a shop is because she doesn't want me working at the building.
First off, we live in a family commune which is really awesome and great for my son. I totally understand her not wanting me to work here because it's summer and it's loud, and people are enjoying the yard,  etc.
 I get it. I'm cool with it. BUT...I've been getting these comments about the materials I use.
I keep getting these under breath comments about "rotten wood" and things of that nature.
 It offends me, because I want to say..."you've seen what I've turned that "rotten wood" into, and there is nothing "rotten" about what I've created".
 Here's the deal....THAT is what I do. I turn shit into...something. I'm not blowing my own horn, but my gift lies in being able to see beyond what is presented at first glance.
 I love to be doubted. Bet against me. I dare you to, I dare anyone to.
The last bashing I got was about that work bench I pulled out of the garbage.
I promise you all this....when I'm done working that table back to life, it will be stunning.
 Anger is a fuel that can't be bought.

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