Friday, June 14, 2013


As much as this is a blog about the stuff I build, it's also a vehicle for me to air out things that bother or compel me.
 Yesterday, Laura and myself, took Max to the park. It's not really a park, but a ghetto school with a playground that's inhabited by many of our future inmates.
 Max is having a blast, showing off his climbing skills, and he see's this hoodlum that we've seen before.
 This kid always wears a Batman towel. The kind that has the hood with the batman ear things, which is cool and all, I mean, I wore a ninja costume for like 2 years when I was about that kids age.
 Well, Max goes running up to Batman with the intention of engaging him in some playground super hero fun, and the kid puffs up and yells "I'M NOT GONNA PLAY WIT CHOO".
 I seriously thought I was gonna have to tackle Laura before she beat a 5 year old to death, but she actually mustered up some restraint.
 Max was hurt. Crushed actually. And we as parents were forced to take our lumps as well.
We shortly exited the ghetto playground and on the way home we were talking about the incident with him.
 "The kid wears a the park." Max: "yeah Da-Da, that's pretty silly."
The rest of the evening I couldn't help thinking about how I won't be able to protect my son from our world.
 How the only thing I can do is give him the tools to face a cruel and barbaric world...on his own.
That's a really big mind fuck for a parent.
 I know children are cruel, but it made me really think about our society.
It seems so simple, yet people just complicate things.
 All you have to do is just be cool to other people. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.
 It's idealistic, I know, but wouldn't life just be a hell of a lot easier?

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