Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The time has come.
 I'm movin' on up. Not to a deee lux apartment in the sky-I-I-I, but to my own shop.
I will find out Monday if I'll be able to get the space available July 1st. If not, then I may have to wait until August.
 Whatever the outcome, I'm a proactive kind of guy, so I'm packing up and cleaning out the clutter.
I've had these stored for a couple years, and I'm selling them off in order to acquire some new equipment and to basically make room.

1. "lonely always finds it's way home"-$50
 I think I was in a kind of "dark place" when I painted this. Max wasn't born yet and fall was rolling in. It's a little spooky because to us, it's almost a cross between Max and our dog Lennox.

2."Where's the "joy" in Joy Division"-$50
I wanted to go dark and creepy. I really wanted to change my style of painting. I was getting bored and frustrated with painting and art in general, and that was the outcome.

3."The Jesus project"-$50
 I painted this when I was living in Arizona. I was on a "Jesus" kick. Not in a religious way, but more of a study into how a man in sandals could become so popular.

4."wake up you funky-monkey"-$25
I painted this after Max was born.
 I wanted his room to have some art in it that wasn't from Target or The Land of Nod.

If anyone is interested email me at
 First come, first served.

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