Sunday, June 23, 2013


I'm really not one to go garbage picking.
 I don't drive around scouring the alleys of Chicago, frolicking in people's trash cans, but some people do, and that, to me, is a bizarre hobby.
 On Saturday we were having a "ghetto" camping excursion in the backyard for the kids, and when Laura's brother showed up, he notified me of a piece that he spotted in his alley.
 I was hesitant at first, but with a new shop on the horizon, I had to take a chance.
Not too shitty of a find, I must say.
 It's old, and not in the best shape, but I kind of like that.
With a little love, I think I can restore this to show room quality, except it won't see a show room.
It will be my shop table.
 I also drove out to Plano Illinois and picked up a 6' steel welding table from a super cool old timer named Bob.
 This was not only worth the $80 I paid for the table, but listening to the old guys stories for about a hour was pretty inspiring.
 Bob has had several successful business's, and his true passion is restoring old cars.
He was working on a 54' Caddy when I showed up.
 I think he was rebuilding the Carburetor when I showed up. While we were shooting the shit, his hands worked on this piece of machinery, and I don't think he looked down at what he was doing the entire time. His hands just moved to where they were supposed to go. It was pretty inspiring.
 I'll most likely never see Bob again, but I'm grateful that I was able to pick up a little more then just a good deal on a old table.

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