Friday, June 7, 2013


 I mean "finally" in a couple ways.
"Finally" the drill press has arrived and "finally" I can get to finishing the shelving unit.
It has been utter chaos in our home lately.
 Laura started a new job. If it were me, I would have walked the minute the new job was secured based on her former employers business practices. Unlike me (which is the smartest thing one can be) she gave em' 2 weeks, and has been working both places.
 Max is in a stage, that EVERY kid goes through, where they tell these make believe stories that go on for hours...literally hours.
 I don't pray for much, but during these marathon story telling sessions I pray to any and every God, I ask God "please don't let me be a asshole to this delicate child".
 THEN....our pitbull Lennox.
Let me tell you about Lennox real quick. He's like Brad Pitts character in "True Romance". You know, where he plays the stoner...
 We discovered a little lump on his neck a couple weeks ago, and it's grown to about a golf ball size, so we did a family trip to the vet, and our gentle giant is going to need a surgery to have a tumor removed. I've discovered that I will do anything to keep this dog alive and healthy for 2 reasons.
 1. I love him...
2. I can NOT imagine having to explain the passing of our dog (god forbid) to our son.
I wouldn't do it. I would make some shit up. I would tell him a astronaut took him to the moon, because dogs live forever on the moon, and when you wanna see him you just have to look up, or some other nutty story.
 I don't have it in me to break down death and dying to a 3 year old.
So this weekend I will get lost for a couple of hours and finish this piece.
 It's a good way to wrap up a hectic month, and with it's completion, where I move on to the next piece, I can also move on with my family and leave the chaos of the last month in the past.

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