Sunday, June 30, 2013


I have a whole new respect for people that restore furniture.
 Every minute I spend working on the workbench restore project, the thought of how much easier it would be to just buy some old wood and build one from scratch, is running through my head.
 The ultimate goal is to keep it as original as possible. Any modifications I do, have to at least "appear" to be included in it's original construction.
The drawer front has to be replaced. Period. It's beyond any restoring.
 I spent a good part of Saturday morning, scraping off all the paint, tar, and god knows what else from the top. I also had to put  a steel gusset underneath the top because it was sagging in the middle.
 I put in 3 Dutchman joints on the top and shaped them to go with the contour of the top.
There's so much to do on this thing, that I had to employ 2 elf's (cousins) instead of the one elf that I actually own.
 I did make a interesting discovery that helped me put a age on this piece.
Stuck to the back of the drawer box was a city of Chicago water bill from 1954.
 How can I give up on something that withstood a 59 year ass whooping?

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