Saturday, June 1, 2013


My original goal was to be patient and wait for the inshave draw knife I ordered before I really got down on this piece.
 Not so much.
I ended up using a bowl carvers adze that I picked up awhile back from a blacksmith who melted down like 8 hammers to make this one tool. I was always in awe of it, and never really put it to work, until now.
 What I did with this tool is basically chip away at all the rotten wood, then smooth it out.
What that does is leave all these trenches and valleys in the wood. The effect is a very natural movement. It's something one would have to see and feel up close to really appreciate.
 Keep in mind, this piece is being made from one beam. One. And some steel.
I had to hand saw the depth of the beam to make the shelves. Some of the wood was just too crappy to use, so I had to add a couple Dutchman joints where there was a split that could be problematic if left alone.
 I don't use a jig for my dutchmans. Mallet and Chisel all by hand, and I have to report that I'm getting fast at these now. I used to have to meditate, burn sage, say a prayer, and a whole slew of ritualistic activities before I cut in a Dutchman, but now it's WHACK-WHACK and DONE.
 So that's the progress on this piece thus far. Still quite a bit of sanding, then assembly, and on to 3 coats of poly.
 I'm excited to get this thing in a upright position soon because everyone who's seen it so far looks at it slightly puzzled, but then again I think most of my stuff gets those looks at first.

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