Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I got tired of running to my father-in-laws shop every time I needed to use a drill press, so I broke down an ordered one.
 Unfortunately the wait is holding up the completion of the shelving piece.
It's starting to drive me crazy. Just looking at it. Ready to go. 12 holes in some steel keeping it from being stood upright.
 I don't use a lot of power tools in what I do. They have their place for sure, but I try my hardest to not rely on them.
 The furniture is selling well, so I'm allocating my profits back into the craft.
I'm going to invest in some Japanese Mortising chisels and pull saws. I use a set of Two Cherries German chisel and I have a pull saw already, but for those two items which I use the most, a upgrade is in order.
 It's a strange relationship...a man and his tools. There's a lesson to be learned from it as well.
If you treat your tools well, they'll return the favor. The same rule applies to the people in our lives.

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