Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This is the monster completed.
 I also included photos of some of the details, like the red X screw covers, the welded steel back support, and the walnut dutchmans.
 This is another one of those pieces that I hate sending off because it's a piece I could really use.
I could make another one, but that's no fun.
 Of course there's a story to ride along with this piece, and of course it includes the mighty Max.
In order to do the floating shelves, I had to insert steel rods to support the weight. To do this, you have to drill the holes perfect and you have to drill them by hand, unless you have a monster drill press, in which case I...do...not.
 I spent a lot of time on the mathematics of these holes and after I filled the holes with epoxy, I proceeded to "attempt" to slide the first shelf on to the rods.
The first shelf...easy breezy. The second shelf, well that's where panic and disaster ganged up on me because the shelf insertion came to a halt about a quarter of the way on to the steel rods.
 As I proceed to curse, and whack the shelf with a 3lb. sledge, spewing epoxy everywhere, I see Max running into the house out of the corner of my eye. About 5 seconds later he kicks the screen door open with his little tool box in hand yelling "I'll help you Da-Da, I'LL HELP YOOOOU!"
 I'm pretty sure that my heart got up and walked out of chest at that point, as this little boy saw his old man in trouble, and without a pause, came to help.
 Now I'm pretty sure his red plastic hammer was not able to seat the shelf, but his act of unadulterated kindness did pull me out of my blind rage and calmed me to where I just tapped the slightly askew rod to plumb and proceeded to slip the shelf in place.
 The funny thing is, that after he watched me slip the shelf on, and all was well, without a word he slipped away to go back to playing with ants. I stood there, lit a cigarette, and reveled in what it was like to be loved unconditionally.

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