Monday, July 22, 2013


On Sunday morning, while the sinners were just stumbling in, and the saints were getting ready for church, I was carving out a seat for a new bench.
 Max and I had delivered the workbench to Salvage one on Saturday, and tucked behind where I had been working on the bench, were two old beams.
 Now my original plan was to work on these steel tables that I had conjured up in my melon while in Michigan, but the place where I get my steel is only open mon-fri, until 4pm, so the reality of me actually making it out there to go shopping, isn't much of a reality this week.
 In the spirit of keeping shit moving, I switched gears.
I have never carved out a seat, and I can report back that it is rough. would I do it again? In a heart beat. But, this is a process where the right tool is essential.
 The Adze that I have is actually a bowl carvers Adze, so it's small, and not really appropriate for this type of work, but I made it work...cause it's all I had. You can't really run out to the lumberjack store at 5am on a Sunday.
 I'm not sure where I'm going with this bench, since it kind of ended up as  a plan B.
I'll focus on cleaning and shaping and pray that a idea for a base pops into my head during the process.
 It seems like the longer I let a piece marinate, the better it comes out.

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