Friday, July 19, 2013


I was recently contacted by a gentleman who was interested in purchasing the workbench.
 I promptly emailed him back with a price.
Mind you, the price I was giving him was beyond fair.
 When a retailer sells one of my pieces, it's a 50/50 split, and I usually let them price it, and eating 50% really works out fine because I don't have to deal with shit heads like the shit head who was interested in purchasing the work bench.
 I know there are a lot of new people reading this blog, and if you go back to my earliest posts, you will find a protocol for purchasing one of my pieces.
 But since you're here now, let me save you some time and break it down one more time.

1. Don't attempt to haggle.
This isn't the Compton Swap Meet, I price my pieces based on  materials, time invested, and how attached I am to a piece.

2. NEVER tell me what something costs at Pottery Barn.
Any swinging dick with a credit card can buy something from Pottery Barn.
My pieces are one of a kind.
If you want a piece that a zillion other people have, by all means go to Pottery Barn

3. There's no turning back.
After you have offended me by breaking rules one and two, it's over...for you.
 Buying from me is very simple. Buy it, or don't.
It makes it worse for you if you violate rules one and two, then have a come to Jesus moment, and agree to the price, because at that point, there's nothing for sale for you. I don't care where you work, how much you make, what you've become a fart in the wind to me.

That's really it.
3 rules.
Not that hard.
Thank you, come again.

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