Monday, July 29, 2013


I spent most of my weekend researching wood carving and exactly what is involved in this craft.
 I'm here to report that there are 4 tools essential in making this art.

1.Adze (hatchet-like tool)
2.Scorp (curved draw knife tool)
3.Compass plane (plane with a concave blade)
4.Travisher (kinda like a compass plane)

I own 2 out of the 4 tools, so I did what I had to do to make it work.
 The last 2 tools listed (and the ones I don't own) are basically for speeding up the smoothing process, so what should've taken me about 10 minutes, took 2 hours.
 In doing my research, I discovered that every photo of a wood carver at work, appears to be in a zombie-like state.
 I've never felt such a sense of focus in building anything like when I carved out a simple seat for this bench. It's pretty amazing.
 There is something to be said about taking complete command over a piece of wood and molding it into whatever you want.
 In terms of the base for this bench, I came up with a ton of ideas. I opted for a set of Hairpin legs.
For one, it's been awhile since I've incorporated the hairpin leg, and secondly, I didn't want to take away from the wood itself.
 I know most of you are bored to death with my "technical" blogs, and would much rather hear me ramble on about hood rats messing with my son at the park, but in the haunting words of  BeZuZu from the Exorcist...."in     time".

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