Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've been picking away at the factory cart.
 This has been one of the more difficult projects because it was already cool when it was brought to me. It's almost easier when you get your hands on a real turd, because then, the possibilities are endless.
 I understand the average buyer, and most of them can't see things for what they are.
This is more then a factory cart. It's a piece of American history. It's from a time when people went to work clean, and came home dirty. A time when you went to work and made more then a wage, you actually made something tangible.
 What I made was some really cool shelf brackets out of 3/16" steel.
I'm a humble guy, but I do want to pat myself on the back for these, for a couple of reasons.
 The first reason is that I haven't had to touch that Chinese bender in a while, and while making these, something just clicked, and I feel like I fully understand this tool now.
 The second reason is...I really wanted to add a bottom shelf. I had to figure out a way to mount the shelf in a manner that made it appear to have always been there. Ideas are great, but facilitating them is a whole new ball game, so when you have a idea and are able to make it happen, just feels good.

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