Thursday, September 19, 2013


This piece was done entirely at Salvage One's shop.
 I was able to work on it whenever I had free time and everyone there was super nice, but not having it outside my kitchen window was driving me a little nutty.
 I obsess about...everything.
If I have a bill due, I can't sleep until it's paid, if I have to go to the post office, it will haunt me until I go.
 Once I started this piece, I walked into a whole new brand of crazy.
Luckily, it's pretty much done.
 The first finish coat has been applied, and Collin is going to add the next two coats with some buffing in between to give it that hand rubbed appeal.
 I spent the last half hour at the shop just staring at it. There's a lot to look at.
The term "Functional Art" is used best to describe this piece as opposed to "Table"
 I'm glad and the world should be glad I'm not a salesman. If I worked there, and someone said "excuse me sir, how much is that TABLE?", I most likely would go into a tirade along the lines of..."TABLE? That's not a fucking TABLE. A table is something your kids spill Cheerios all over, or you toss your mail on! This is something you look at, you discuss it. This is a piece that will OWN a room, it COMMANDS attention. Table...get the fuck outta here."
 Yeah, that probably wouldn't work out so well.

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