Monday, September 30, 2013


Here's a "before" and "after" shot of the latest piece.
 If there is one thing about me, it's this...I RARELY ask for help.
It's not a "I'm so independent" thing, it's more of a "I'm as stupid as I am stubborn" thing.
 In order to take this not so stunning photo, I had to carry this table up a couple of steps, and into the sun light. Somewhere between where the table was and where it is...lies one of my testicles.
 The silver lining to that dark cloud is that I can now belt out Michael Jackson's "I want you back" like nobody's business.
 Enough about my balls.
This was another table from the KLEIN tool factory.
 These are not from a manufacturer. While working on them I make up stories about them in my head
I imagine some guy, working the midnight shift at KLEIN, back in the early 60's, bored out of his mind because he's already read the same newspaper cover to cover 3 times and still has 6 hours left on his shift. and decides to weld up a project table, not for it's function and more for passing time.
 Little does this man know, that some 50 plus years later, some asshole has chopped it up and has written a story on the interweb about it.
 I tip my coffee cup to you, "Mr. Midnight shift Klein tool factory worker". Although you most likely are dead and gone....your project table lives on.

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