Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I thought that the point of "LABOR DAY" was for those who bust their ass day in and day out, to take a break?
 Not so for this Laborer.
I have to seize the moment when I can, so on Sunday I went and put in more work on this piece.
 I put the final sand on, grinded down the 3rd base, and while rummaging through Salvage One's finish room, I came across some black metal flake paint and proceeded to paint the bases.
 All that is left is putting a finish on the top, make a stretcher for the legs, mount the top, and then you will all be spared from having to see anymore photos at bad angles of this table.
 While working on this piece, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what it's like to own a hand made piece.
 It's hard for me to put it in  perspective because I made almost everything in our house, but there is a small painting that was given to me by Anthony Lewellen. It hangs in our bedroom and it really holds a special...something.
 I guess that's why people collect Art. There's a personality behind it, a soul, a reason, a hand.
If you really think about our lives, most things we own are processed, mass produced, and cold.
whereas when you have a piece from an artists hands, it brings a warmth and a soul to your environment.
 I don't know. That's just the wacky shit that runs through my head when I'm working.

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