Sunday, September 8, 2013


I have no intention of putting "spinners" and crazy hydraulics on this cart, but what I can tell you is that it will be something extraordinary...I think.
 Being in bands, being an artist, and doing what I'm doing now has put a lot of good people in my life. In this new venture I was contacted by a guy I went to elementary school with.
 His name is James Bigwood, and I haven't seen him since 8th grade.
Thanks to this blog and social media, he contacted me to let me know of some vintage factory carts he acquired.
 Now, he very well could've flipped these "AS IS", got a pocket full of dough and moved on, but he saw something more in them, and chose me to re-birth them.
 That being said, these carts will get the respect and innovation that they are deserving of.
There are 17 carts of all different shapes and sizes. He dropped this one off yesterday, and we made a feeble attempt at catching up on 27 years that have come and gone.
 Not only am I stoked about these pieces, but I do look forward to being involved with someone from my childhood.
 It's times like these that I wish I had a cool warehouse loft home like that Janet Jackson video from the 80's, because I would keep every single one of these carts. But I don't. So our goal with these is to make something very home owner friendly without the asshole price tag that most people that sell these put on them.
 After looking at Etsy and Ebay, I see what most people are trying to rape buyers for, and I think it's kind of a dick head move.
 It's my opinion that most people who buy this sort of stuff deserve a quality piece at a fair price.
I'd like people to walk away feeling good, instead of feeling like they just got hustled.
 Karma has no interest in money.

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