Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I've never really been stumped before.
 I put in a lot of work stripping the paint, and fabricating a copper top for this cart, but this whole "copper" business has thrown me for a loop.
 You see, my preconceived ideas for 99.9% of my projects don't go much further then what I'm about to do with a piece the moment I'm standing in front of it.
 Nothing ever goes as planned, so I set my goals real low so that I'm never disappointed.
The problem with this isn't in execution, it's more financial.
 My idea, as I was beating the shit out of this copper top, was to run copper bar stock along the edges to give it a more finished industrial look.
 It's too expensive. period.
That one detail would make what would be a $500 cart into a $1500 cart, and what good is it if no one will buy it?
 My other problem is...I can't give up. I don't know how to give up.
It  would be so easy to chuck the copper top, put on a kick ass wood one and be done.
 It's the equivalent of having sex, and right before your going to have a orgasm, you get up and go do the dishes.
 One way or the other, I'll have my proverbial "orgasm".

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