Sunday, October 13, 2013


Interesting heading?
 Kind of. Here's where it stems from.
There are 2 things that leave me satisfied, sex and learning.
 Sex because, well, that doesn't need much explanation, and if it does, then you're doing something wrong, and I can not help you.
 Learning. I love to learn. I wish I had that thirst in my youth. If I did, I'd be a millionaire by now.
When I speak of learning, I'm not speaking of being taught, I'm talking about cultivating a interest or idea. I don't want someone to teach me, I want to discover it, on my own terms, then apply it.
 I woke up Friday morning with the idea of wrapping these wall vases in leather.
I've always thought that being able to work with fabric would be such a awesome tool to have in ones arsenal. Truth be told, that shit scares me. Nothing puts the brakes on anything quicker then fear.
 Well, that morning I took a step to overcome that fear in a "practice what you preach" approach.
"Big fuckin' deal, you wrapped a piece of leather around a bottle" you say? To that I say "yeah, basically, but what have you done that you've been afraid to do? Nothing? I thought so".
 What I did is I took a shot at doing something that has eluded me due to my own fear of failure, and ended up making something that I think is already pretty cool, and made it a little better.
 In terms of anything that has to do with working with leather, this is as rudimentary as it gets, and I'm ok with that. I did exactly what I set out to do, it worked, and now this element doesn't seem so scary.
 I won't be on "Project Runway" anytime soon, but I do plan on incorporating more leather into my work.

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