Thursday, November 14, 2013


Laura had a rough night at work last night, and early this morning she was telling me "I'm getting too old for this".
 We've all uttered those words, but the fact is, we're not "too old", we've just got to a point where "we're too SMART" for whatever it is that we feel that we're too old for.
 I often wonder where I would be if I didn't start touring the world with punk rock bands when I was 16 and rode that into my late 20's.
 Where would I be if I went and got a engineering degree, and got a nice 6 figure job? Would my life be any better?
 I don't know. I don't care. I chose this.
I decided at a early age, to dream. I decided to do what I have to do to survive while I chased various dreams.
 One of two things are gonna happen...
1. I'll chase my dreams to the grave
2. I'll have my moment in the sun.
 In order to pursue a dream, one has to sacrifice stability. You shun from the 9 to 5 slavery, and you put your days together as you see fit.
 I, by no means, am knocking those who chose to get a degree and a good job. In fact, I have moments of envy.
 I work hard to balance both. I'm not special, or unique, we all work hard and we all have different dreams.
 Ok, I just had to get that out of my brain.
I finished the Farm Table project.
 I work alone most of the time, and I'm forced to carry stuff by myself . So, keeping that in mind, this ridiculously heavy table can be broken down and loaded in the back of a YUGO if need be.
 It's definitely a Industrial Heirloom piece. A piece that can be handed down through generations.
Even if it was involved in a house fire, the base would stand up, and one would just have to get a new top. I doubt that can be said for anything IKEA has to offer.

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