Monday, November 11, 2013


A couple weeks ago was my In-Laws 50th Anniversary.
 Their kids put a really nice party together for them, and I, on my never ending journey of self discovery, learned a couple of things about myself.
1. I should own a suit. Just one. Just in case. If I should  have to act like a adult once every few years, I should at least LOOK like one.
2. I wish I knew how to dance.
 If it were back in the day when I used to drink, I would've danced with everyone and everything...then vomited on a piano and punched somebody in the face, so it's a good thing I don't partake these days.
 There was a moment in the evening when Laura asked me to dance. Being the mother fucking gentleman that I am, I accepted her offer and began to awkwardly sway as I destroyed her high heels.
 She pulled me in close and whispered in my ear "let me lead", and I whispered back "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS."
 I know you're waiting for me to assimilate this experience to this Copper factory table, so here it goes.
 Me and this particular piece danced.
There was a lot of pushing and pulling on my end, and I think in the end, this piece was happy when the song was over, and I went and sat down hoping not to be asked to dance again.
 It's not that I'm not happy with our dance, I busted a couple of impressive moves.
I took a Copper laundry pan that was discarded on a roof, and turned it into a perfectly fitted top, To my dismay, that's where our dance ended.
 I'm never fully satisfied with a piece...any piece. People say that's a good thing. "A sign of a true artist". To that I say "BLAH-BLAH-FUCKITY-BLAH".
 There are just some pieces that don't NEED a whole lot done to them. I have to accept that and move forward.
 If you knew how much time I spent staring at this piece, thinking of how to make it better, you would think I was bus stop crazy.
 It's just one of those situations where you do the best you can, you try to have a little fun, and then you call it a night....kind of like my dance.

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