Monday, November 25, 2013


Never saw the movie, but the title is appropriate.
 I'll break down the .45 part first.
The whole table is based off the 45 degree angle.
 I spent a total of 5 minutes being awake in Geometry class in high school. If I had any idea of how much I would use geometry in my everyday life as a adult, I think I would have been less concerned about getting home so I could beat off, and more focused on what was being taught.
 That's the past and I earned my "self-taught" life badge anyway.
Lately I have been making quite a bit of rustic pieces, and I felt like doing something more contemporary, but still keeping it raw.
 A lot of furniture I see lately is what I call "Pseudo-Steel". What that means is, a lot of steel tube, or steel veneer. I get it. Steel is expensive and heavy, but when you put your hands on a piece of SOLID can almost feel your forehead slope a little bit, as you regress to caveman status.
 That being said...this is solid steel and walnut, my 2 favorite materials living happily ever after.
Now the Love part.
 We had our first parent teacher conference last week.
Why I was having anxiety...I don't know. He's 3, what are they gonna say?
 I wasn't really worried about what they were going to tell me. My mind was just being blown by the fact that the most immature man on earth, was attending a parent teacher conference.
 I am known for blurting out the most offensive and inappropriate things in the most delicate of situations. It took a lot to bottle it up for 20 minutes.
 The first part of his report card was religion. "Max understands who God is and who Jesus is, but is unable to recognize that Jesus is the SON of God"
 I... wanted to blurt out "NO FUCKING WAY. You guys are amazing, because I don't understand who God is and I went to 9 years of Catholic school, and in 4 short months, my 3 year old has mastered the "God Concept" ?"
 I didn't blurt that out. I nodded and smiled like a good boy.
That whole meeting could have been done in under 10 seconds...
"Is Max being an asshole?"
"No, sir"
"see ya next quarter."

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