Thursday, November 7, 2013


A few weeks ago I stopped into Dark Matter Coffee and bumped into my friend Cintia.
 Cintia owns a store in Logan Square called Reform Objects. Me and Cintia go way back.
When we were kids we hung out in the same group. I used to ride her home on the handle bars of my Bicycle and do real dicky stuff, like jumping off curbs and slamming on the brakes, sending her flying into various lawns, but she's one of my longest running friends.
 Her shop sells really sleek Mid Century furniture, and we were talking about her business and my work. I was telling her about how I'm not sure what's harder....building this stuff, or writing about it.
 Anyway, I wrapped up the sewer cap table this week. I'm not sure if I'm really stoked on the piece itself, or the fact that I finally completed something on the project list.
 Here's it's origins...the base was a light fixture (or at least PART of a light fixture), the post is 2" steel pipe and a coupling, and the top is a sewer cap.
 Fred Sanford would be very pleased and keep his "you big dummy" comments directed at Lemonts lazy ass.
 I almost forgot why I brought up the Cintia reference. Someone had contacted her about a custom piece. The women wanted a really rustic/industrial table, so Cintia referred her to me.
 I like the fact that I've become a authority on these kinds of pieces. It's great for my already inflated ego.
 I let her know that I had a few pieces available, and that if she wanted something custom, it would be very expensive. I explained that if I do a custom piece, I have to stop all my other work to focus on making someone else happy, and the whole reason I do this is to make ME happy.
 Needless to say, I never heard from the potential customer, and that's ok.
I would rather build for the customer that understands and respects that.
 As much as that limits a client base, the one thing that isn't for sale is my integrity. .

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