Monday, November 18, 2013


I like the little things.
 You won't hear women say that too often, but I'm talking about the little things in life.
I like laying in bed with Max playing IPAD games, I like following Max and his mom to school in the morning on my way to work, I like my Friday night ritual of hanging out with my brother-in-law Diego and his wife Sandy while their son Matias and Max go Ape Shit.
 It's all these little things that are woven into my days that make life bearable.
It's not that the little things haven't always been there in one capacity or another, it's just as you get a little older, a little wiser, and throw a child into the mix, that you start to recognize  how fast time goes by, how precious and valuable time is and what it is that makes you happy.
 I'm not fucking Buddha or Yoda, nor am I telling you anything you don't already know, BUT....ya gotta admit that after reading this, all the little things in life that are important to YOU, have just flashed through your head.
 With that being said, my job here is done. As much as I want everyone here to buy my stuff, I write these passages to share my brain and on make one think or at least reflect.
 In the spirit of "the little things" (keep your penis jokes to yourself) I knocked out a pretty cool picture frame.
 I really like making the little home accent pieces like the railroad spike hooks and the wine bottle vases. I wanted to add to the small things, and while searching for a picture frame at Target, I decided to make my own with scraps.
 The body of the frame is from a cut off of the farm table, and the angle iron is a cut off from the table I re did while garbage picking.
I hand mortised the 5x7 recess for the picture.
 This is my useable prototype, and I'm definitely going to add to it.
I'd like to hinge a piece of glass for the photo cover, and maybe figure out a cool way to illuminate it.
 The devil is in the details.

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